Lakpa Ri Expedition

Lhakp Ri Mountain is the newly becoming famous expedition in Tibet; and many climbers have been attracted these days to this mountain climbing through Tibet side. It divides the upper east Rombuk and Kharta glacier. It is very closed to Mount Everest and one feels as equal to climbed Mount Everest the moment, one reaches on the top of this mountain.

It was first climb by George Mallory who was on his way to the Everest Reconnaissance in 1921; and he had seen its North Col.

Bill Tilman made the second ascent during his Everest reconnaissance in 1936. The Third ascent made by French Everest Summiteers Michelle Pelle in 1988. The Fourth ascent by Ken McConnell in 1991. The present expedition teams are also using these same routes as the previous four expedition teams had used in the past.


Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu – Transfer to Hotel.
Day 2: Katmandu. (Prepare Expedition)
Day 3: Kathmandu
Day 4: Drive to Kodari – Cross border & Zhangmu
Day 5: Zhangmu – Nyalam
Day 6: Nyalam – Tingri
Day 7: Tingri Acclimatized
Day 8: Tingri – Lhakpa Ri Base Camp
Day 9: Lhakpa Ri Base Camp
Day 10: Lhakpa Ri Base Camp – Middle Camp
Day 11: Middle Camp – ABC Camp
Day 12 – 23: Climbing period.
Day 24: Prepare for return to Kathmandu
Day 25: Base Camp to Tingri
Day 26: Tingri – Shegar or Nyalam
Day 27: Shegar – Shigatse Zhangmu
Day 28: Shigatse – Gyantse
Day 29: Gyantse – Lhasa
Day 30: Lhasa – KTM after cross border and transfer to Hotel
Day 31: Lhasa
Day 32: Lhasa to Kathmandu flight & transfer to Hotel.
Day 33: Kathmandu
Day 34: Kathmandu
Day 35: Final Departure.

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