Sunkoshi (River Of Gold)

Sun Koshi is one of the ten most benevolent white water rafting rivers in the world, originates near Mt. Sisapangma and flows 270 km. down the eastwards through the great Mahabharat-lekh range. The further we raft down; the river becomes bigger after the confluence with its numerous tributaries encompassing Dudhkoshi from the Mt. Everest, Arun, Tamur etc. The area is so remote so that we always have to bring our supplies and gears from Katmandu. As it’s having huge volume of water, the rapids (3-5 class) are so big that the raft will disappear from the sight of those standing on the shore!

Departure Point : Kathmandu
Raft Put in Point : Balephi
Raft Put off Point : Chatara
Outward Travel Time : 3 hrs
Return Travel Time : 14 hrs
River Grade : III-V class

Day 1
We meet in our grace int’l trek & expedition head office in Kathmandu and drive to Balephi, the raft put in point (3hrs driving), Lunch served, equipment packed and be ready to listen some important safety and paddling briefing by our guides. Immediately, the action starts- paddle forward and harder. The three class rapids will be exercise for the learner rafters. The area is scenic and panoramic. Camp set at Dolalghat. Enjoy the Dinner and campfire.

Day 2
After having Breakfast we paddle down to encounter with challenge of “Meatgrinder”i.e. IV+ rapids. A few meters below here the Tamakoshi joins Sunkoshi on the left with a beach on the confluence. There is another beautiful Shiva Temple, where the local pilg rims come worship every morning. We camp here.

Day 3 Until the confluence with the Likhu Khola, we have short easy rafting and rapids are only iii class. Thereafter, very soon we face the IV + rapid “High Anxitiety” with a large hole on the left highway down and series of holes at the bottom. Swim for a while splashing each other and camp.

Day 4
After facing a several 3+rapids, we stop for a while to buy some necessary provisions and beers. Be ready to paddle faster because …………we encounter with challenge of v class rapids “Harkapur 2” and “Harkapur 3”, the hardest and biggest in this trip, which should be carefully scouted. Camp set—– and just think what a great day we have.

Day 5
After the confluence with the Dudhkoshi River from Mt.Everest, the river becomes wide in size. But very soon we meet the “Jaws”, IV rapid.

Day 6
Today is the hard day, as you will encounter with V class rapids “Rhino Rocks” and “Jungle Corridor” and a few continuous white water. Waterfalls cascade on both sides of the river. One waterfall makes great spot for a team shower. We set camp and enjoy the tranquil night.

Day 7
Relax yourselves because you paddle too much for couple of days.

Day 8
Great waves not a big rapid so you can ask our kayakers to instruct you about how to roll.

Day 9
Today we are going to face the last rapid of this trip “Bigdipper” is a series of huge standing waves. A few KM down we meet Arun and Tamur to form the river As Saptakoshi(seven rivers) and we will have numerous waves and whirlpools. For a short time we go to visit Barahi temple in order to pick a so-looked small rock. We finish our trip at Chatara and then drive back to Kathmandu or you can take plane to fly back to Ktm. from biratnagar.

What a great day we had!
Note: In Sep. it is seven day trip.
From Oct to Dec it is 9 day trip. From March to May it is 10 day trip.

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