Nowhere else on Earth has a greater diversity of landscapes within as small an area as Nepal. It is widely acknowledged as one of the most spectacular trekking destinations in the world.

From the vast sweep of the Himalayan peaks, to the city squares brimming with fairy – tale temples and palaces to the remote, untouched villages; the highest point on Earth – Everest, overlooks all. Eight of the world’s fourteen highest peaks are in the Nepalese Himalayas and on this challenge you will feel as if you truly are on top of the world.

We trek to Everest Base camp through Sagarmatha National Park, allowing time to experience the villages, monasteries, lush valleys and Sherpa hospitality along our way. Whilst we do not scale Everest itself we do climb KalaPattar, where the dramatic panoramic views of the Himalayan giants and surrounding glaciers will make the tough ascent worthwhile. A true challenge, never to be forgotten.

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